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A Kiss of Blue Moon
Author :brderluwi
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My mouth stiffed. "Y-you're a… mer—"

"I'm a mermaid, Kao!" She said, cutting me off. My tears continuously stream down, but I shake my head instantly. "You can leave me now…"

I can't believe what I saw, but I love her. My heart never hesitates to go near her and embraces her so tight. "I can't, Asia… I love you!" I heard her crying into my shoulder. "It doesn't matter to me. I love you… You're my ocean of life and I can't leave you. I'll die if I did…" I loosen my hug and face her watery eyes. I immediately bring her to the limestone and cover her tail with my jacket that suddenly become foot as she holds her bracelet. I caress her chin and planted a kiss. She gave me a response, so I just kiss her and kiss her all over again. The moon witnessed how we both shared blood, sweat and tears in this moment.

I pull my jacket and lean her to the limestone, kissing her intently as her moisture body touches mine. She immediately grabs me off, unbuttoning my polo that reveals everything I have. I can't think properly because I only want to show her, how I truly feel. Her lips never failed mine, I even bit it not just once, twice, or thrice but many more times. I love how I saw her precious eyes closing that seems loving me dearly. My naked body is now turning into so much pleasure; no garments hurdles me to touch her chest that made her moan so alluring. I did it many times, while inserting myself into her. It gives me the highest peak of desires that I only had on my true and purest love. It's not just kiss nor pleasure that embraces us under the blue moon, it's our love and my love for her that won't change, after knowing her true self. I love her against any pigments of lies and I will remember it until my last words to utter.

My head hurts when I wake up, light from sunrise made me awaken. I caressed my eyes and take a sound of morning sunshine. My eyes calm, but I immediately noticed myself naked in the seashore. "What am I doing here?��� I whisper, so clueless.

"Kao, where are you?!" I heard Calvino's voice calling me at one side. Widening my eyes, as I took all over my dress and quickly wear it, starting from my under garments to polo and jacket before he could be able to go near me and tease my naked presence. "Kao, why are you here? You didn't go to your unit last night, what happen?" He said after I stand before him.

"I don't know…" Doubting as I said, getting hard to pull my memories. "I didn't?" Shocking as I asked.

"Yeah, are you drunk?" He said, very worried while tapping my broad shoulder.

"No!" I responded and shake my head. "I know, I'm not!"

"We better go now, Kao! I'm going back to Italy before a big storm landed here." He informed me. "I already arrange everything that is needed too in your flight, so we better go now until we failed going home."

I bit my lower lip, can't think properly as I can't remember anything that happened last night. "I-I just can't remember why I'm here?" I whisper. "I feel like I'm forgetting something…"

"Forgetting something?" His brows furrowed. "Damn, you're really drunk Kao!" He chuckled, weird thing, I did the same!

"Yeah, I think we better go now and leave this islet." I suggested and tap him. "I must be forgetting something but I know, it's not important at all." Laughing as I pull him to take a walk to the direction of our hotel.

Traipsing together, I heard suddenly something that seems goes at the same time with wind blows, perfectly whispered toward my ears. "I'll remember you forever, Kao. I'll be your shore even if you're just a temporary wave…" A familiar woman's voice made me stop for an instant and take a glance elsewhere. My eyes felt some tears of coming and I don't know why. The same thing with my heart that pumps blood so bad, like unusual. Calvino noticed me wondering while looking at my surroundings.

"Kao, what is it?" He asked me, worriedly.

"I don't know; a familiar woman's voice seems like whispering towards my ear. But, I couldn't remember when I heard that voice." I answered with voice cracking and eyes screaming sadness, touching my heart that also beating in a sad tone. But, I notice a bracelet on my wrist that gives me an unknown emotions of love. "It's like a serenade, Calvino!"

My barefoot suddenly bring me to the waves that endlessly giving me calmness. "I love you…" She whispered again and my heart crumbles instantly, as my tears stream down continuously towards my cold cheeks. I close my eyes, letting my tears flow and I don't know the reason of this feeling. I felt like, I need to be here for the last time before I leave. I may no longer remember something, the scents, tastes, sounds, looks, and everything but I know this feeling—it's longing for something or someone that I have lost.

"Kao, we better go now!" I nodded without looking at him.

I just face the ocean and keep my watered eyes closed, before touching the waves that comes. For all I know, this wave is me… who find my shore yet lost it, because it's only temporary…


Copyright Brderluwi (@brderluwi)


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