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A Kiss of Blue Moon
Author :brderluwi
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"Seriously?" He directly asked, like some thought pop up in a quicker way. "Hey, Kao! There are many stories of mystery recorded in this islet. Missing persons, forgotten memories and some body of unidentified people have been found dead on the shore because of drowning and it's not yet clear, why? People residing here are scared of touching the oceans at night, they believe that mermaids was the culprit of the mysteries that are rampant here."

"H-huh? What are you saying?" My brows totally filled their remaining gaps, unable to find a perfect word to response. "You probably loosen your screw because of drunkenness."

"If you won't believe me, fine! It's up to you then. I'm feeling tired so I need to take a rest but I couldn't because of your stupid walking session that almost three hours!" He mocked me, yet I just laugh as how he sounded like an old man now. "Let's go back! I want to rest…" After saying that, he falls from the shore and snoring in his unexpected sleep.

"Hey, Calvino" I kneel beside his sleeping presence. He really thinks that the shore is his bed, damn! Guess I don't have any choice but to bring him to his hotel and carry him all throughout. Thankfully, fishermen help me with this sleepy-head jerk.

Another day had come, I made my usual routine before I met her at the shore during sunset. When arrow of the clock pinpoints the same time of our afternoon promise. My foot rush to the same location, and she never broke her promise. She's sitting peacefully at the same rendezvous with the same color of dress and flower in her ear. She's really gorgeous and one of a kind, making my own butterflies crazy.

She has eyes of serenely that drawn me with too much wonder. "You never break your promise, thank you!"

"I'm not breaking any words that I already put into my heart, Kao." My heart automatically pumps blood so fast. She mentioned my name!

"You're beautiful, Asia." A moment of silence lingers, while our eyes intact with affections.

Once again after a series of conversation we have, I don't know where she goes after. She always lost my sight like waves in the ocean. This happen all over again, meeting her at our rendezvous, conversation and when dusk comes, I lost her. Every time I talk to her, I know to myself that I already fall into love. She's one of a kind and a limited edition woman that bring my Casanova heart in its loyalty. It's now our eleventh time of meeting, and she unexpectedly mentioned the rare "blue moon" that will happen soon.

"Blue moon?" I asked her, before she already turned her back. Calvino is already shouting and calling me again so I don't have any time too before I'll be reported again as a missing person of that fucking moron.

"Yeah, when blue moon happens, I'll tell you everything about me. After that, I may not be sure if we'll see each other again." She said and run away, bringing clouds of thoughts into me that was left with no words to say.

I made a decision before our tenth time conversation end. I want to confess to her, and I want her to know how I feel. I only have four days left before going back to Manila for work. Company needs their CEO and it's me. So, time is really my enemy in chasing this true love that I felt for the first time, in my once upon a time.

We met in a different spot. A secret cave where she said that blue moon will be perfectly apparent. I was amazed as I saw a swimming pool like spot inside and from above, moon can be seen because of the hole. We waited for hours until finally we both noticed how the moon turns into blue this time. She's sitting beside me silently at the same big flatted limestone, our feet touch the cold water of the lagoon. She never speaks but I'm still nervous confessing. But I need to, before it's too late. Whatever her answer I'll take it, for I know my love won't change for a woman, who made my life a loyal ocean to its shore.

"I like you…" I whisper, making her eyes met mine. "I like you, Asia." I then made it hearable.

She just smiles and made my mind confused for her answers. I face her wholeheartedly before pulling her palm towards mine and made my hand put above it. "I love you, I hope you know it." I said with sincerity, fighting for nervousness.

"You don't have to." My butterflies stop from flying in her tone. "Kao, I felt the same thing. B-but we can't be together." She spoken without any doubt, even trying to pull it back.

Voice cracking as I say. "W-hy? I mean, you said… you felt the same way."

"I'm fighting not to. I'm fighting not to fall in love with you, but I failed!" She admitted, adding so much curiosity to me.

"Why are you holding back, Asia? I love you, you don't need to be afraid."

"I'm afraid of it Kao!" My eyes widened as she screams, with tears falling. "I'm so afraid of losing you… if you don't look at me the same way after finding my own story." I can't utter a single word, like I'm a statue on where I sat beside her. "You… might wouldn't like me after knowing all of it."

"Then tell me so that I'll know. I can't understand everything, but I love you and that's enough for you to believe that I'll not change easily." She wiped her tears, while I'm holding my own emotion. But I couldn't… I love her so much, and it breaks me as she couldn't trust my love for her.

She unexpectedly stands on her own ground and look at me downward. I'm afraid I lost her again so I immediately do the same thing and hold her wrist. "After this Kao… if you know about me. You'll free to leave." She said as her voice crying too, loosening her wrist as she quickly pulls it. She walks with distance, having larger space between us. I'm so curious while letting my tears to fall as my eyes become blurry, managing not to. But it changes when I saw her, undressing slowly.

She looks at me with her naked figure, with her eyes like an ocean of tears. Wearing only a bracelet as she says. "Promise me you'll go away far, after…" But I shake my head instantly, gesturing "no". I want to go to her closing the gap and give her cover, without a try she moves.

Suddenly, she dives at the lagoon. That's why I got scared of losing her so I went down. She might get drown or what, every single glance I take as long as I see her again. "Asia, where are you?! Asia!" But she breaks the cloudy thoughts when she pops up at middle of the lagoon, where blue moon's light touches her naked body. And there's nothing more surprising seeing her tail in a crystal clear water.


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