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A Kiss of Blue Moon
Author :brderluwi
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My brows furrowed in an instant. "A-asia?"

"Yeah, sounds like a continent and it's weird right?" She kids, making me chuckled. "I'm Asia Marcelline!" She continued.

I just nodded and stretched my arms, offering a hand shake. "I'm Kao Earwyn Cullen! Don't fall for me too quick." I jokingly uttered that made her laugh.

"You're handsome, no wonder why you said that to me."

"No, I'm not!" I shake my head. "Forget it, you know! It will only give me so much honor and pride." Our conversation gets longer, without noticing that dusk already began. Shadows of darkness overtook the whole shore but thanks to the moon that gave us a wonderful light like a daytime at night.

"Where are you from?" I asked, driving with unnecessary thoughts. "I'm just a tourist in this islet for only three days, so probably I didn't know lot of people in here."

We sat on one portion of the shore, facing the moon while waves touching our barefoot. It's cold already and I feel it, because I'm only wearing a polo and maong short. While looking at her silent presence I break it again. Thinking, it might be too coercive. "You don't need to tell me where you came from, if it's hard for you to share. I respect that and understood the meaning of privacy. You can tell me when you're ready, and I'll wait for it to come, just so you know." I smiled at her.

In her eyes, my gaze was prisoned. She's really pretty and it makes my soul wild, like a woman who captured my Casanova heart. "My life was boring that's why I choose to escape living it…" Finally, I caught her attention, she's now looking at me. "I came here to rest and have some peace of mind. It's way too far from people, so this is a better place for my soul. I'll come back to where I really was, when I feel my mind wanted to." I paused and get some stone near me, throwing it to the waves that come.

"Humans are like waves of ocean…" My gaze was thrown to her after hearing her lower voice. "They come and go with the shore, whenever they wanted to. But the shore always gives them a chance to do it, knowing all things are temporary." She speaks suddenly that make me melt by words I never heard before. She's sitting beside me, yet I can't utter any words. "Did you just came here to escape your boring life?"

I immediately shaken my head. She's a little serious now. "I mean, no!" I clear things as soon as I could be able to do it. "S-sorry if I offended you."

Asia embraces herself, she might be getting cold by the breeze. "I'm not offended by your reason of being here. But I want you to know that you can't escape your life by turning another paths. Sooner or later you might get lost and in much worst. Always, go with it no matter how hard your life is, because it'll be worthwhile in the end." I never heard a woman talk to me like this, a comforting tone that make me calm. Clearing my cloudy nights and bringing moon to my darkest thoughts. "I better go now…" She said and quickly stand into her feet.

"N-now?" I asked in disbelief, standing in her front. She just nodded as her response. "But, can we see each other again?"

"Of course!" She never doubts saying it. It makes me smile. "Same time, same location."

"Kao! Where are you?!" I heard Calvino's voice calling me from somewhere. It suddenly caught my attention. "Kao! Where are you?!" I glance to my surrounding, scanning everything until I saw people walking with lamps.

"Calvino, I'm here!" I responded, he must be worried with me since it's almost three hours already that I left him. "Hey, Calvino!" I get my phone and opened its flashlight. Holding it, I wave at them continuously for me to be noticed. I quickly take a look back to where Asia was standing. But, surprisingly, she disappeared like a bubble. And I don't know where she goes in an instant. "Asia, where are you? Asia!" Shouting as my voice becoming louder and louder.

"Hey, Kao!" A palm of Calvino touched my shoulder and my attention was stolen. "What are you doing here alone?" He asked in worried. "Are you out of your mind? I even reported you as a missing person, but the cops are assholes, they didn't believe in me because they say I'm drunk!"

I noticed a group of fisherman besides him. Calvino seems really worried about my whereabouts. He seems like more brother figure to me. "I'm not missing, Calvino! I just stay here with someone I just met, but surprisingly I don't know where she goes after you came. I just lost my sight into her." I explained and release a deep breath after.


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