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A Kiss of Blue Moon
Author :brderluwi
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A very luxurious silver bracelet with a sparkling blue pearl makes my mouth suddenly stiffed, as I saw it on my own hand. If I am not mistaken, blue pearl is rare and can only be seen in deepest part of some seas. I even encountered the same thing in a friend auction, when he invited me. Even if I have tons of money, sports car, business and everything, I couldn't have one of this even if I wanted to. Its value can even be placed at the peak of the most ultra-expensive thing in the world. So, I wonder why and how that woman have this? Anyway, it doesn't matter now and this is not my business of knowing her personal details. This might have a sentimental value to that woman, so I need to give it back to her as soon as possible.

After a while, I call her presence. "Miss, excuse me?" She never looks back so I shouted over again. "Miss, your bracelet fell on the shore!" For the second try, I failed. Guess, I don't have any choice but to run after her. I shake my head a little, before running so fast just to reach her attention. This time, I didn't fail. I made it, by holding her right hand in caress.

She stopped the moment my fingers touch her skin. As silence embraces us, she takes a quick turn, meeting our both gaze and locked it in an instant. I never feel something like this before. The feeling is foreign so as her face that seems to be an epitome of perfection. A woman with a carnation flower in her right ear, suddenly gave my heart a skip of beating as butterflies endlessly flies all throughout my stomach. Her scent is novel, like a mixture of flowers and mint. She just stares at me, so as I. But I felt in an instant the weirdness that lingers in between us. So, I immediately break it with whatever words that is needed. "Ah, eh— you fall…"

What the heck! What did I say? Why am I not thinking well now? I noticed how a smile curved into his lips, while looking at me. "I fall?" She asked out of curiosity and my dumbness. "Fall for what?" Her voice is like a melody of euphoria that makes me plastered a smile.

"No! I mean…" I shake my head forthwith and scratch my neck. Damn, seems I was dumbfounded by her charismatic looks! I then forced a cough to have a clear natural tone. "I mean; you fell something on the shore." I said without any cracking, like my nervousness already vanished.

"Fall something? What is it?" She asked like so clueless. Without wasting anytime, I show it to her by opening my palm in her front. "Oh, my God! My bracelet… this is so important to me. Thank you!"

She grabbed it quickly and wear it through her wrist. I couldn't help myself not to help her, seeing how she was getting hard putting it back. Without any hesitation, I caressed her hand and bring it to me closer. With the bracelet she was holding, I let her give it to me so that I could put it back to her wrist. I felt her pulse, beating with rhyme in an apace of time. She didn't talk while I was busy fixing it to her, until I finished and meet her lovely gaze, that suddenly makes me grin. "Thank you again!" Pleasing as she said.

I just nodded as my response and loosen the hold in her hand. "No problem! Next time, don't let your wonderful bracelet fall especially without me at your back." I give him a wink like a crazy moron. Damn, I'm not thinking properly!

"You're such a nice guy!" She unexpectedly said. I felt how my heart pound in a race after hearing it from a woman that I don't know yet. Although, lots of ladies tell me the same thing at first sight, but I felt different towards her words. It's my first time hearing the real sincerity, she's just so special and I don't know why? "Anyway, my name is Asia…"


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