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A Kiss of Blue Moon
Author :brderluwi
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1 One

Whenever life give me hard time, I take a break by leaving my natural breathing. Choosing to go somewhere else or somewhere far, as long as I could escape the menace catastrophe for me to live another sets of daytime. It's better to take a rest, than to pretend being okay and continue walking in a thorny life. Well, that's me— when I'm feeling bored of living, as a dandy.

I take a deep breath, surrounding myself with a cold breeze in a perfect view of sunset. Peeking at every lover at the shore, happily making sandcastles and other things together is covetously. Honestly, it's so hard being a Casanova, as my life circulates with numerous girls that nonstop seducing me yet love isn't apparent at all. For how many years of being my usual self, I got lost. My life becomes so dark with lust and pleasure, that I couldn't able to find where the right path that I need to take— and, it's hard. So hard, comparably in eating piece of rocks as what others say.

Before I got lost once again, I already made a decision. Now, I travel from a metropolis to an islet just to have some peace of mind. Somehow, being here in a small island called "Serenade", seems to be the most perfect choice that I have made so far. Three days have passed and just what I've thought that would happen, no girls anymore following my shadow. Compared to the city where I reside, this haven has least population and seems neighborhood are way too far from each one another. So, spaces are much visible and tourists are the one occupying almost all of the area.

"Kao!" I heard a familiar voice calling me in great volume, making me stopped from walking barefooted at the seashore. I glance somewhere else, while holding grippingly my slippers. "Hey Kao, I'm here!"

Seconds have past, I saw that person finally. He's standing in distance at one of the cottage with some kind of beer waving in his hand. Well, it's him, Calvino. A tourist foreigner friend that I've met, since day one of being here. Italian young businessman with same problem as mine. So, I didn't hold back to give a damn friending him. Though, I must admit that his really full of himself and somewhat jerk on the other side of him. But still, it's a great thing having a buddy after all.

I wave back, for him to know that I already noticed his presence. After a while, he run towards where I was standing, so I wait and stood still.

"Kao, why are you walking alone?" He then asked, chasing his own breath heavily after a long run. I smell his drunkenness that lingers into him, but I just ignore it knowing how he loves drinking alcohol every single run of time.

Plastering a smile as I answer him. "I just want some fresh air before dusk embraces time." I glance somewhere else, sensing unusual scenario. "What about you? Why are you alone? Where's Sabrina?" I directly asked with full of curiosity. Anyway, Sabrina is a full package woman we just met here. I don't know actually about them, but I have a feeling that this jerk is taking moves towards her.

"Uhmm… S-sabrina?" His forehead knitted, then paused. I smiled at him while looking how he is doubting whether to continue answering my question or not. But he did. "Well, I was turned down by her. Damn, she rejected me a while ago!" Admitting as he said, drinking another bottle of beer in his hand like really craving for it. I almost burst out of laughing after he explained, but I choose not to. Seeing how he was holding two bottles that already empty, maybe he's really feeling shattered now.

"C'mon, cheer up! He doesn't deserve you, Calvino." I uttered, tapping his left arm. "There are still girls that surrounds you everywhere you go, so why not give a break from drinking and start searching again that is well suited for your lovable heart." I kid, just to break the seriousness embracing us for long.

I laugh so as he. After that, he cleared his lips with leakage fluid. Looking so defeated yet still keeping his cool like a poor little jerk. He should cry now but look at him, drowning into beer instead of showing how he was truly devastated unmercifully by rejection. This is really how a man act after a woman they love, breaks their heart. They feel it so painful, but hiding it like it doesn't. A stigma always bothered us, that man should be brave and don't cry but we're also human being with feelings that are as fragile as a glass of wine.

"Thanks for that, Kao! I'm so blessed having you here in my vacation and I'll take it as a compliment, because I'm good looking too like you, you know."

There he goes again, so full of him. "Yeah, so you better not get too drunk before you made a scandalous act here and be imprisoned later." I mocked, while looking at him. His clean brow just raised and then he smiles. "I want to continue walking; would you like to go with me?" I asked him, when I noticed that dusk is slowly swallowing the calm daytime.

He shakes his head. "No, I'll just sit here and finish this one." Pointing his last bottle of beer and the portion of the shore he was standing. "I'll wait for you to comeback in this exact location, after you're done walking in the long shore. It might take only half hour; I guess?"

I don't know if he was kidding or not. But I just nodded as my response, before taking a turn and continue my walk. I left him there and as I look back, I saw how he kept his promise. Sitting on where he was standing and abide his drinking session while waiting for me to finish my relaxation moment.

Whilst traipsing in wet shore, waves splashing my foot. Touching it endlessly, until my gaze was stolen by another beautiful view. I saw a woman in a distance away from my front. She's walking gracefully, wearing a beautiful white dress and having her long hair that always moving through every wind blows. I only saw her back portion, but I know she's a kind of gorgeous lady. Until, I saw how her bracelet fall from the shore while she was still continuing walking. So, I immediately run towards her thing and pick it up.


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